Technology Solutions

Our clients come to us with a concept, an idea. We have helped them design, develop and deploy-to-market, the completed robust software in record time. For companies whose primary focus is not 'software products', their use of applications is the form of web/gui-solutions, or as SAAS, in complement to their core business functions. Whether 'software product development' or 'project consulting' or any other ‘technology solution’, we have creative terms of payment that give lucrative options to our clients.

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Mobile Development

Genzeon has traditionally been very adept at providing web-enabled applications for it clients in different industries. We have also made consistent strides in the 'mobile development' space since its advent. Our mobile development solutions have been in the areas of web-to-mobile application conversions, stand-alone mobile application development, and creation of mobile-presence sites, performing end-to-end mobile development (UI, Database and Server-layers).

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Apply the right direction to success, go mobile with us.

Recruiting Services

Genzeon provides true "Technology and Sciences" Recruiting Services. Our recruiters bring prior experience in technology and sciences into the 'recruiting' profession. We give 360⁰ recruiting a new meaning with blend of technical and recruiting experience in sourcing, identifying, closing, submitting, and starting, the correct technologist for the job. Our Recruiting SLA (submissions : interviews : starts) show-cases our success.

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Integration Services

Genzeon solutions in 'Hospital Informatics', 'EMR' & 'Clinical Application Software' has ranged from end-to-end implementations, specific integrations between provider-systems & third-party software, configurations that allow for smooth processing between disparate and/or remote systems &, specialized frameworks that bridge gaps between different systems and software being used. Our management brings years of experience representing, provider/pharmacy-side, & third-party-software-side, business and technology solutions.

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Good integration builds stronger communities.

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